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Speak up for your Library April news

Good morning and thank you for your willingness to “Speak Up for Your Library!” 

National Library Week is the third week of April—the 14th – the 20th.  Most libraries are planning special events to celebrate and highlight their services.  Stop in to see what’s happening at your library. 

Speak Up for Your Library March News

Wyh Yuo Sholud Raed Mroe…

We live in a distracting world: Facebook, email, Twitter, etc. How can you learn to focus? Read.

With tax time fast approaching, don’t forget that many libraries have forms from both the IRS and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. If they don’t have the form you need you can look up forms and publications online and print them out (there may be a cost to print).

Speak up for Your Library October News

Local governments are working on their 2014 budgets. If you have thoughts on library funding be sure to contact elected officials.  Your voice may be needed to support your library.

25 Reasons to Read

  1. It’s an active, mental process
  2. It’s a fundamental skill builder
  3. It may improve vocabulary

See more reasons at:

Speak up for your Library August news

The Continuing Importance of Libraries

Award-winning author Neil Gaiman talks about how libraries were important to him while growing up and why librarians and libraries are still valuable.

…we’ve gone from a world in which there is too little information, in which information is scarce, to a world in which there is too much information, and most of it is untrue or irrelevant.  …   And you suddenly move into a world in which librarians fulfill this completely different function.

Speak Up for your Library July News

Younger Americans Still use Libraries

There’s a notion out there that younger adults do everything online and that library users tend to be older.  A new study from the Pew Center shows that’s not the case.  Older teens and those in their 20s are as likely to visit the library and check out books as older Americans.  You can read about it here


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