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Speak up for Your Library May News

Libraries Adapt to Support Wisconsin Communities

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers issued a guest editorial in honor of the April 8 to 14 observance of National Library Week. In the editorial he notes that, libraries “provide services and resources tailored to a changing world in a challenging economy..”    Read it at

Badgerlink: A Resource for Wisconsin

Speak up for Your Library April News

Election Day is Tuesday the 2nd.  Don’t forget to vote!

National Library Week is the third week of April—the 14th – the 20th.  Most libraries are planning special events to celebrate and highlight their services.  Stop in to see what’s happening at your library.

Books are not Dead Yet has an interesting article explaining why reports of books’ death are greatly exaggerated.

Speak up for Your Library March News

With tax time fast approaching, don’t forget that many libraries have forms from both the IRS and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  If they don’t have the form you need you can look up forms and publications online and print them out (there may be a cost to print).

Governor Walker’s 2013-2015 Biennial Budget Proposal

The Governor issued his proposal for the next biennial state budget.  Several provisions will affect public libraries.  Read about it here.

Speak Up for your Library November News

Public libraries can be a great resource for job-seekers.  The online Winnefox Employment Help Center has links to sites to brush up on job search skills and to look for jobs.  Library computers can be used to write and submit resumes, letters, and applications.  And, of course, the library has books on job search skills and study guides for employment tests.


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