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How can you "Speak up"?

As you think about the importance of your library in your community, consider the ways you can speak up for your library:

We’ve seen in other states the power of the public voice when it comes to libraries, so lending your voice in support of libraries is critical. In numerous cases, public input has either stopped drastic cuts in library funding, or helped reinstate funds that were already cut. You can:

Speak up for your library November news

We’re asking you to Speak Up for Your Library because libraries use tax dollars efficiently, working together to reduce duplication of services and resources:

A prime example of this is BadgerLink, which brings to Wisconsin residents a “treasure trove” of online resources (newspapers, magazines, professional, academic and medical journals) that can meet almost any information need.

Libraries fulfill goal of 'extensive good at small expense'

In 1809, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “I have often thought that nothing would do more extensive good at small expense than the establishment of a small circulating library in every county …”

Jefferson, like the other founders, understood that America’s experiment in democratic self-government could not work unless the people were educated and informed.

Speak up for your Library August News

A couple weeks ago I posted information about proposed state budget provisions effecting WiscNet, through which your library receives internet access.  Here’s an update.

Why We Need Free Public Libraries More Than Ever

The Atlantic magazine recently had a nice commentary on the importance of free library service.  Read it at

Speak Up for your Library July News

Villages, Cities, and Counties will soon start drafting their 2012 budgets.  Elected officials need to hear from constituents about the services they feel are important.  Now is the time to talk to them.    Back in 2006 we posted recommendations on communicating with elected officials.

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