Speak up for your Library August news

The Continuing Importance of Libraries

Award-winning author Neil Gaiman talks about how libraries were important to him while growing up and why librarians and libraries are still valuable.

…we’ve gone from a world in which there is too little information, in which information is scarce, to a world in which there is too much information, and most of it is untrue or irrelevant.  …   And you suddenly move into a world in which librarians fulfill this completely different function.

We’ve gone from looking at a desert, in which a librarian had to walk into the desert for you and come back with a lump of gold, to a forest, to this huge jungle in which what you want is one apple. And at that point, the librarian can walk into the jungle and come back with the apple. So I think from that point of view, the time of librarians, and the time of libraries—they definitely haven’t gone anywhere.

You can read the whole article at   http://www.bookpage.com/the-book-case/2010/04/14/neil-gaiman-talks-about...

What’s your library worth to you?

The library provides a lot of intangible value but did you ever wonder about the financial value you receive from your library?  Winnefox has posted a calculator that estimates what you would have to pay for the materials and services you receive from your library if the library didn’t exist.  If you enter in where you live it also calculates the amount of return you receive from your tax support of the library.  Check it out at www.winnefox.org/roi.html