Speak up for Your Library March News

Good morning and thank you for your willingness to “Speak Up for Your Library!”


The 22 Stages Of Visiting Your Public Library

http://www.buzzfeed.com/wallingfordlibrary/the-22-stages-of-visiting-you...    Yes, it really is this exciting.


Not sure what to read next?   Check out this list of 30 books you should read before you die, according to a poll of librarians in the UK.



What Does Reading do for the Mind? 

There’s an interesting article at http://www.csun.edu/~krowlands/Content/Academic_Resources/Reading/Useful...


Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service

The Legislative Notification Service is a great way to keep informed about the State Legislature’s activities.  You can set it up so you receive an email notice:

whenever there's action on a bill relating to a specific topic ("library" or "libraries" for example).
whenever a legislator on your list introduces or signs on to a bill
whenever there's action on a specific bill or proposal

You can get more information and sign up at http://Notify.legis.state.wi.us

Check out the Library Value Calculator at http://sql.winnefox.org/winnefox/roi.html

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