Speak up for Your Library May News

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Want your kids to read more?   Here’s an interesting post on encouraging Teenagers to Read by Choosing Books From the Non-Y.A. Shelves

“My solution is to “seed” my older son’s room with a wide range of books for him to find on his own time and on his own terms.”



Badgerlink: A Resource for Wisconsin

For about 15 years the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has provided Wisconsin residents access to a premier collection of online resources through the Badgerlink program.   Included in the collection are:

Newspaper and magazine indexes and full-text articles with specialized collections for students, business owners, and academics.
HeritageQuest genealogical resources
Auto Repair Reference Center
Encyclopedia Britannica
Learning Express Library, which provides online practice tests and study resources

Learn more through your library’s web page or the Badgerlink site  http://www.badgerlink.net/


Check out the Library Value Calculator at http://sql.winnefox.org/winnefox/roi.html


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