Speak up for Your Library July News


Good morning and thank you for your willingness to “Speak Up for Your Library!”


Life without libraries would be unimaginably poorer

A great column by Jeff Jacoby from the Boston Globe

But the small library in my Cleveland-area day school was merely a gateway drug to the local public library. I spent innumerable hours there as a boy, addicted as much to the serendipitous pleasures of searching for a good book as to the satisfying relish of losing myself in its pages once I found one.



Traveling?  You’re never far from one of the 17,000 public libraries in America. 

This interactive map will show you where they all are.



Have you signed up for library text message notices?  The library can email you notices when you have something waiting to be picked up, when something will be due soon, and when you have something overdue.  If you sign up you will receive only these email notices and, because your personal information is confidential, the library will not share or give out your email address.  Ask at your library to sign up.


Local governments will soon start drafting their 2016 budgets.  Elected officials need to hear from constituents about the services they feel are important.  Now is the time to talk to them.    Back in 2006 we posted recommendations on communicating with elected officials:  http://blogs.winnefox.org/speakup/2006/10/26/communicating_with_elected_...


Don’t forget to say “Thanks”

Any time you contact elected officials about an issue thank them.  Whether the issue was decided the way you hoped for or not, thank them for their help and support.  Even if they didn’t vote the way you wanted them to, thank them for listening to your concerns.  You may be contacting them in the future on another issue and they’ll remember your thanks.


Check out the Library Value Calculator at http://sql.winnefox.org/winnefox/roi.html

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